Domain Registration Agreementt


The following document outlines the terms of service provided by Parkingtim-Hosting to you. The right-hand column is for explanation only and is not legally binding.


Acceptance of Terms

Parkingtim-Hosting (“The Company“) agrees to provide services to you (“The Client”) under the following TOS (“Terms of Service”). Clients will be held responsible for all actions performed by their account and are responsible for the security of the account.

Parkingtim-Hosting reserves the right to change the TOS or AUP (“Acceptable Use Policy”) at any time, but also agrees to immediately notify all clients of all changes to these documents via email, to the address provided by the client. It is the clients responsiblity to keep their email address correctly updated. At the moment of change, if the client wishes to end services, they may do so with no additional charge, irrelevant of the next pay date.


1. Subscription activation and renewal

1.1. Activation

Parkingtim-Hosting will only start providing the purchased service after payment has been received. The customer will receive his accounts details, and Parkingtim-Hosting will start providing the service up to 48 hours after the initial payment has been received. Web Hosting accounts and domain name purchases are typically activated instantly while VPS services may take up to 48 hours. From the moment Parkingtim-Hosting starts providing the service the customer is subscribed to the service until he or Parkingtim-Hosting cancels the subscription.


1.2. Term

The term of the subscription can range from one month to one year and must be determined by the customer before making a payment. If the customer wishes to continue making use of the service after this term, a new payment must be made at least five days prior to the end of the term. When the payment has been received, the subscription will be renewed with a new end date. When no new payment has been received at the end of the term, the account will be terminated. Parkingtim-Hosting reserves the right to refuse continuation of the service for any reason, when the term has ended.


1.4. Cancellation

When the subscription is cancelled Parkingtim-Hosting will stop providing the service at the end of the subscription term, and the subscription will not be renewed. When a subscription has been cancelled and the term has been ended, the customer’s account and data can not be restored. The customer or Parkingtim-Hosting can choose to cancel the subscription at any time.

To request cancellation of a service, the client must submit a support ticket to the billing department or via the client control panel at least 1 day prior to the next invoice due-date. All downgrade requests must also be made 1 days prior to the next invoice due-date. All client data will be deleted after the cancellation date.


Non Payment

Clients services will be suspended after 1 days overdue. They will remain suspended until either the invoice is paid, or 14 days of non-payment, after wich the service will be terminated, and all data lost.


1.5. Termination and suspension

When an account has been terminated or suspended, it has become inaccessible immediately. The customer can terminate or suspend the service at any time, and Parkingtim-Hosting can terminate or suspend the service when the TOS have been breached, the customer’s account has been hacked or poses a severe risk to Parkingtim-Hosting or its customers. When the service has been terminated, the customer’s account and data can not be restored, even if the Term has not yet ended.



2. Money-back guarantee


All services provided by Parkingtim-Hosting come with a 30 day money back guarantee, with no questions asked. If the client wishes to terminate their service within 7 days of activation, they should submit a support ticket. Filing a charge-back is not a fair form of refund, and will result in immediate termination of all related client services. The only exception to the refund is in the case that the client has excessively used server resources and/or bandwidth during the time their service was activated, in which case a partial or no refund may be made.

The following services are permanent and non-refundable:

  • Domain Names
  • SSL Certificates

The customer is not eligible for a refund if he breached the TOS.



3. Acceptable Use Policy

By agreeing to this document, the client also agrees to follow all the rules set out by our AUP (“Acceptable Use Policy”). Any breach in the rules set out by the AUP will result in immediate suspension or termination of service.


3.2. Unacceptable use

Examples of unacceptable content include, but are not limited to:

  • Copyrighted media, without authority to distribute or display
  • Unlicensed applications
  • Cracking programs or key generators
  • Content that may violate the rights of third parties or otherwise violate the law
  • Child pornography or kidnapping material
  • Fraudulent activity, phishing, pyramid schemes, chain letters, forgery, or impersonation
  • Terrorist propaganda, racist material, or bomb/weapon instructions
  • Virus/Virii, Spyware, Malware, or other infectious material
  • Material protected by trade secret or other statute

Links to unacceptable content, as defined above, are also prohibited.


3.3. Online Activity

Any attempts to undermine or cause harm to the Parkingtim-Hosting equipment, network, operations, or clientele is STRICTLY prohibited. Parkingtim-Hosting will pursue legal action to the fullest extent for all abuse/violation of such.

Any activity deemed damaging or abusive, whether unlawful or considered to be detrimental to the operations of Parkingtim-Hosting, is prohibited.
This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Denial of Service Attacks (DOS/DDOS)
  • Unnecessary Port Scans
  • Mail Bombing
  • Unsolicited Advertising via IM, Forums, Newsgroups, Email, etc.


3.4. Bulk Email

We understand that bulk email is an important mechanism for keeping people informed. However, spamming (unsolicited advertising), from the Parkingtim-Hosting network, or spamvertising (unsolicited advertising of) sites hosted on the Parkingtim-Hosting network is STRICTLY prohibited.

Legitimate bulk email meets the following criteria:

  • The recipient has confirmed his willingness to be added to the distribution list of the mailing, by responding to a verification email, or, otherwise, verifiably confirming permission. (Evidence of such must be retained and available by request.)
  • Messages include: Valid headers, removal instructions, and information on the method by which the subscribed address was obtained. All bulk email senders must post privacy policies, in association with the sending domains. Co-registration is not prohibited, but explanations of the sharing of information must be both publicly available and included in the confirmation mechanism for list subscription.

If Parkingtim-Hosting approaches a client for evidence of confirmation, this request must be honoured within 24 hours. We require clients to provide double opt-in information for each subscriber if requested.

Failure to meet the acceptable criteria for bulk mail may lead to immediate termination. Please make an effort to limit outgoing mail on your account to no more than 500 pieces per hour.


3.5. System Resource Usage (CPU/Memory/etc.):

Per our AUP, abuse of system resources is prohibited. First violations may or may not cause an account suspension depending on the severity of the issue. The customer will receive a clear warning. Second or third violations may result in an immediate termination of your account. Parkingtim-Hosting staff members will judge based on server performance on what type of activity is considered as abusive. Details can be found here : Resource Usage Explained



4. Service Level Agreement

Parkingtim-Hosting aims to provide a 99.95% uptime for its web server in every month, excluding scheduled maintenance. We guaranty the functioning of all server hardware components and will replace any failed component at no cost. “Hardware” means the processor(s), RAM, hard disk(s), motherboard, NIC card and other related hardware included with the server. Hardware replacement will begin once we identify the cause of the problem. Hardware replacement is guaranteed to be complete within one hour of problem identification.


May Parkingtim-Hosting fail to reach this aim in a given month, the customer can request a full refund of the monthly price of his subscription in the form of credits. The credits can be used to purchase any of the services provided by Parkingtim-Hosting. The refund will not be given if downtime has been caused by the customer, or when it’s out of Parkingtim-Hosting servers or network scope.



6. Copyright Infringement

Parkingtim-Hosting has adopted a general policy regarding copyright in accordance with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998. Parkingtim-Hosting removes material that is the subject of a compliant DMCA takedown notice. Section 512 of the DMCA provides the rules for reporting copyright infringement and for filing a counter-notification.

  • If you believe your copyright is being infringed, you can report the alleged violation.
  • If your project was the subject of a takedown notice, you can submit a counter-notification.
  • If you’ve backed a project that was the subject of a takedown notice, you can learn what that means.

Parkingtim-Hosting has adopted a policy of, in appropriate circumstances, terminating user accounts that are repeat infringers of the intellectual property rights of others. Parkingtim-Hosting also may terminate user accounts based on even a single infringement.



7. Disclaimer

The use of the services of Parkingtim-Hosting is at the customer’s own risk. Parkingtim-Hosting is not responsible for any damages the customer may suffer. This includes loss of data and downtime or any form of service interruption. The customer is solely responsible for the content of the websites the customer is hosting at Parkingtim-Hosting.