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Logo_polozeni--Parking_Tim_sijenaParking Tim Ltd. is able to provide you with a whole range of services related to consulting, management and maintenance of parking lots. The company’s main activity is management and maintenance of public garages and parking lots. In charge of management, Parking Tim Ltd. is committed to offering the best service at acceptable rates by using its management experience and marketing activities with the goal of achieving maximum profit.


The company is the result of a 10-year experience in the field of public garage management in Croatia. It employs trained and highly experienced personnel, reliable, young and ambitious people who perfect parking systems and bring them closer to users with their synthesis of knowledge and experience, using the capacity of a facility in the most profitable way possible.


As far as references are concerned, Parking Tim Ltd. can name the management of public garages, parking lots, consulting services and the creation of traffic solution studies for numerous municipalities and cities, co-operation with international producers of parking systems, etc. Among the enviable locations and facilities the company proudly manages are the following:

Managing Locations and Facilities



one of the biggest underground parking garages in Croatia, with 900 parking spaces on 5 floors (4 underground ones and 1 ground floor) on an area of 20,000 square meters. There are 3 entrance and 3 exit barriers with an additional possibility on the -4 level where there is a special section for clients with a subscription. Payment can be made at every pedestrian entrance where there are 4 automatic pay stations working 24/7 or in the control centre during personnel working hours at 2 additional cash registers. The parking is under 24/7 video surveillance with one hundred cameras.


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an underground garage with 450 parking spaces on 2 floors (both underground) on an area of 10,000 square meters. There is 1 entrance barrier and 1 exit barrier. Payment can be made at 2 automatic pay stations available 24/7 or in the control centre during personnel working hours at 2 additional cash registers. The parking lot is under 24-hour video surveillance with 50 cameras. The system can be accessed on-line so that surveillance of the facility can be monitored by any employee from any place during night hours.


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Company PARKING TIM d.o.o. presents its professional car washes – CENTER CAR WASH located in the center of Zagreb. Our car washes are located in the shopping mall Importanne Center on level -3 and in the shopping mall Importanne Galleria on level -4 in the center of Zagreb, offers a complete service of washing and polishing of all types of vehicles (motorcycles, cars, vans, commercial vehicles, etc.) using the highest quality car cosmetics and detergents for degreasing and polishing. Furthermore, alongside the car wash we offer washing and dry cleaning of all types of carpets.


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In July 2012 the Town Council of Đurđevac first decided to introduce parking fee charging on public parking lots, and announced the intention to publish a tender for gaining the right to carry out the communal activity of performing management and maintenance works on parking lots, as well as parking toll collection. In October 2012 Parking Tim Ltd. was chosen as the concessionaire of the public parking lot with 425 parking spaces in the town of Đurđevac. We have also introduced the possibility of payment by SMS (mParking service) and provided the service of preferential parking tickets


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In June 2015 we are elected in a public tender for the lease of land – parking spaces owned by the Dubrovnik General Hospital, in activities of management, maintenance, billing and control of parking at 460 parking spaces that are located around the building of the General Hospital Dubrovnik. Along the most modern equipment for parking payment and payment via SMS (mParking) we introduced payments through mobile applications ParkWallet on iOS (iPhone) and Android platforms via credit card.


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As part of the Poslovna Hrvatska (Commercial Croatia) project distinguishing the best Croatian entrepreneurs and managers who contribute the most to creating new values and productivity in Croatia, based on the criteria of creating new values the company PARKING TIM Ltd. was listed among the best Croatian companies in 2010, 2012 and 2013. With it the company and board member Mr. Kristijan Bečeić met the key requirements for being listed in an edition of the Golden book of the best Croatian entrepreneurs and managers.


In order to account for the long-standing trust of our partners and to be able to successfully deal with the challenges we encounter in our work, we always try our best to surpass possible obstacles and enhance our business and quality. Thanks to this fact we can proudly state that we possess the AA Certificate of Credit Excellence and that we belong in the 2% of Croatian businesses symbolised by top credit excellence. Through our perseverance and the quality of our services we have created our image of a reliable business partner. Our results prove to us that we are on the right path and encourage us to further broaden our activities in the time to come.

Our simple solutions for all types of parking lots:


    – Clearly visible traffic signs and other signalisation, simple access to parking lots from access roads
    – Several pedestrian entrances…


    – Levels marked with different colours enable our clients easier orientation
    – Clearly lit signalisation for vehicles and pedestrians
    – Energy-efficient lighting with a natural-light effect (with the possibility of installing a movement sensor)
    – Wide barrier gates…


    – Fast roll-up doors for vehicle entry and exit ensure a higher degree of safety during night hours
    – Card-readers on stairways allow access to the parking lot during the night only to garage users (pedestrians)
    – 24/7 video surveillance
    – Technical and user support in daily shifts, or via mobile call centre during night hours
    – Latest exhaust gas and fire alert systems, ventilation
    – The whole system is under surveillance from the control centre


    – User-friendly pay stations, possibility of both cash and cashless payment
    – Entrance-exit barriers with abuse detection systems, contactless card reader installed, cashless payment possible
    – Prepaid tickets save time and money (payment made upon exit)
    – Special monthly rates for companies and their employees


    – Use of attractive advertising locations (posters, panels…)
    – Possibility of long-term advertising on parking tickets or similar products
    Web advertising, design and support...

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Član uprave: Kristijan Bečeić



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