Go green: How to lounch HTTPS with CloudFlare’s Univerzal SSL certificate (FREE&automatic with all Parkingtim-hosting packages)

Go green: How to lounch HTTPS with CloudFlare’s Univerzal SSL certificate (FREE&automatic with all Parkingtim-hosting packages)

Parkingtim-hosting is Cloudflare Certified Hosting Partner and offer Cloudflare’s free Universal SSL to all of customers…  When you ordering hosting package just click this free addon: Cloudflare’s Universal SSL (with CloudFlare DNS ).  Automatic scripts will step you through the process to add your domain to Cloudflare. Full DNS integration built-in, making it the fastest way to get up and running with Universal SSL. Extra: global CDN with 62 points of presence, automatic web content optimization, basic DDoS protection, reputation-based threat protection, and much more with virtually no extra work.

Why is 2017 the Year of HTTPS and SSL?

Back in 2014, Google said that if your website was HTTPS it would give that site additional ranking signal in search results. This is a good thing for businesses that have websites that are competing with other businesses for position on search engine results pages. Google also said they wouldn’t penalize the websites that are not secure. Well, at least not with their algorithm.
In September 2016, Google announced that in January 2017 they would begin displaying the security of the connection in the address bar of Chrome version 56 and up on pages that display a password and/or a credit card field. This is the beginning of a long-term plan to mark all HTTP pages non-secure.
HTTPS encrypts your visitor’s data and provides integrity, so that the no one can modify or read what’s being sent and received or perform a man-in-the-middle attack. It helps protect you from attackers big and small – from governments to coffee shop hackers.
Five years ago, developers would have probably winced when asked to set up HTTPS. But today, with Parkingtim-hosting packages, it is a totally different story. HTTPS has gone from an essential yet sidelined technology, to one of the most important aspects of your website.

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free ssl certificate

Steps to install


  • You can get free CloudFlare DNS addon when you ordering hosting-package

free sll certificate

  • … or you can get free CloudFlare DNS addon after you buy hosting package – from your Parkingtim-hosting Dashboard —) My Products & Services —) Product Details (direct link after login)

setup free sll

  • From Addons & extras Choose CloudFlare,s Universal SSL, then click Purchase&activate


free https

  • Then, you will see Review&checkout with 0… Thats it! Go to site bottom —–)) click blue button Checkout


cloudflare setup

  • Then, you’ll see this screen. Your work is finnished. All setting will be prefilled (Cloudflare will find best nameservers for your address). Now you just need to wait (up to 15 minutes) for confirmation e-mail from Cloudflare (your login E-mail and Password will be evident – they are the same us your Parkingtim-hosting login details).
hosting cloudflare
Confirmation e-mail from Cloudflare
  • After reciving your CloudFlare confirmation mail (screen above) – Just go to your Parkingtim-hosting dashbord (Order confirmation screen above)  and click – SUBMIT –
     You can change password with Claim your Cloudflare password at: and have new Cloudflare password, then type new password before SUBMIT.



  • setuup CloudflareCloudflare Setup is finished. Congrats, you’ve successfully installed SSL (Cloudflare Universal SSL Certificate) and enabled the HTTPS protocol!  And made your visitors less prone to attacks. You can breathe easy knowing that any information they submit on your website will be encrypted and safer from packet sniffing hackers .
  • You will receive CloudFlare Full setup confirmation e-mail (screen bellow) –  with Recommended First Steps for all Cloudflare users.
Full Cloudflare setup Confirmation e-mail



  • Then you need to wait some minutes for Parkingtim-hosting scripts to activate SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, and SSL-encrypted connections. After you receive confirmation e-mail (screen bellow) — Parkingtim-hosting: You are ready to lounch HTTPS with CloudFlare’s Univerzal SSL certificate you just need to Setup SSL on your website.
lounch HTTPS
Parkingtim-hosting confirmation e-mail: You are ready to lounch HTTPS with CloudFlare’s Univerzal SSL certificate



  • You can check if your Addon is Active

active ssl



Check&modify your Cloudflare setup

  • To check your setup click Setup Cloudflare and then logging in at Cloudflare

  • In your Cloudflare admin panel you check your status…

  • … you Manage your Domain Name System (DNS) settings (Records must be added automatic – if is not – contact us)

  • Manage cryptography settings for your website.

Once you’ve installed a certificate on your web server, you can enable the Full or Strict SSL modes which encrypt origin traffic and provide a higher level of security. (tutorial writing in progress)


Extra Cloudflare help:







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Zašto je sigurna SSL veza (https) postala standard u 2017. i kako je jednostavno i besplatno instalirati uz svaki hosting paket


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